slum-ma Millionnaire

My laptop's back after a week being warded in 'Computer Hospital'. Took the technician a whole weekjust to clean the dust off the heat sink and other parts of of the chips. Quite long yeah? Who cares, i'm glad my laptop's gonna be ok coz i do not wanna be able to fry an egg off of it. 

I arrived in ipoh but 2 hours ago from my kampung, Selama. In case if you all didnt know where Selama is, it's right at the border between Perak and Kedah. That explains why most of the people in Selama speaks the northern accent. It's about 1 hour and a half journey from Ipoh to Selama. I had a great time spending some quality time with my grandma. My grandma, mom, and i watched slumdog millionnaire off my laptop last night before sleep and i was laughing the whole time as my grandma kept repeating "HAA pukui dia. Bagi mati lagi baguih", "Awat dia asik kene tibai ngan polis?". HAHA. Good times. Seriously it was great. She kept reminding me about dont waste time, make sure to get good grades and do not forget family, especially my late father. I dont wanna be all emotional so i'm gonna go and make some dinner. Starving wey. My cellphone has been quiet for bout 10 hours now. I missed u intan. Topap yee ASAP. hehe


movie review: Reign Over Me (2007)

I saw this movie on HBO yesterday and what highlighted me the most bout it is how different Adam Sandler can be. We all know he's the kind of an actor who makes hilarious jokes with funny accents (Happy Gillmore, Anger Management, Bedtime Stories..) and etc. But a different Adam Sandler can be seen in this movie since he plays as a sad, depressed, troubled guy who just lost his whole family even though he used to be a dentist. He had a happy life with a terrific career, but everything he had was suddenly gone. The movie's pretty good, especially if you wanna waste 2 hours of time in your life. Try it. 6/10.

Finale at Rome

Tonight FC Barcelona and Man Utd will face eachother in the running to become the best football club in the european region. Probably the whole world perhaps. It is expected to be an exciting final as both teams are well known for their attacking gamestyles.

So Mr. Azim, who would you pick to be the winner for tonight's match?

- Man Utd? No, cause they have ronaldo in their team. I hate that guy. Plus, i hate that club.

- Barcelona? No, cause Henry, Hleb, Sylvinho are just judists and traitors.

Er, then? You want a draw?

No, I want the arsenal team to suddenly comeout from the dugout, with El Capitan Francesc to lift the Champions League Trophy and eboue, song and adebayor will perform their dancing meneuvers in front of 80K+ of roaring crowd. And in the end, Fabregas will come up to the fans and kiss the gunners badge. That'd be cooooollll. rigggggghhttt?

But Mr. Azim, you know thats a load of crap and it won't happen. Right?

Screw you, invisible interviewer.

Back to reality, I really think Barcelona's main weakness is their second choice fullbacks will have a hard time defending against man utd's wingers, if however man utd decided to play 4-4-2. What's with this hype bout ronaldo vs messi thing. One of them who perform will be the Ballon d'or winer. I'd say the likes of iniesta, rooney, henry or tevez(Intan would love this guy to score goals HAHA) would steal the show. Why? Cause ronaldo and messi will be marked so tightly by their opponents and they'll simply wont play their game. I'm expecting barcelona to have more possession and Man Utd will play their counter attacking game, which they are really good at.

I'm not gonna name the winner coz i simply dont care. I'm gonna watch it on tele, in my home, alone coz i gotta drive tomorrow morning. I gotta go take a shower. Enjoy the game later. It's at 2, I think.


c'est fantastique!

It's not 100% proven, i'm still happy n ecstatic bout it. haha


yo home-y, u dig?

I've been spending way too much time at home. Im bored. Im really bored. Screw it, Im fucking bored. I've pretty much done evrything that can be possibly done. Feed the cats, got scratched by them too since they probably think i'm a monster who just came to conquer the house, clean my room, clean the house, water the plants, wash the car, threw a bbq with old pals, watched old and new movies, exercise, guitaring, google on how to tame wild cats, wake up early, wake up late, cook, greeted the neighbor even tho i tried my bestest not to make eye contact with them at first, looked for vacant temp jobs, and yeah, several more things.

It's true I am relaxed. Very relaxed. Having nothing to do, nothing to worry after 3-4 months of a busy semester, can be considered as a time of your life. But why d hell am i so bored? Am I an ass for bitching too much while everything else is actually fine? I guess so. Or maybe I just miss having assignments, studying for tests/exams, waking up early for classes. Whoa. No way. You're going crazy azim.

I was thinking bout whats gonna happen for the next several weeks or so. With no football weekends, money draining out, old pals disappearing n etc, really, what the hell am i gonna do?
-Well my sister is coming back at the end of the month. A week off, coz of hari Gawai. Apparently Hari Gawai is very important in Sarawak. Probably gonna spend time with her, have some family dinner perhaps.
-I gotta go back to my late dad's kampung which is in selama next week. That'd be fun. No sarcasm here, I really wanna meet my grandma. It's been a while since i last saw her. I bet she'll be all "ingat lupaa dah kat nenekk" king of a thing. No worries, get thru it first, will be better later.
-Get a haircut. It's shit now. It's a mess. Looks like a used mop.
-Get my notebook back. I'm starting to really miss it. This PC is generating too much heat and i'm burning here in my room. Wanna watch the movies i've copied from a friend's HDD.
-Service the car. It's been six months since i last changed the engine oil. Replace the light bulbs too. I'm getting highlights from incoming cars at nights since i use highlights while driving. Yeah, it pisses off everyone, including me. Sorry.

Anyway, tonight is Gunners' last match of the season. They're having Stoke City at the Emirates which both clubs really have nothing to play for. I hope the likes of Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere would start the match. That'll shut some mouths bout arsenal lacking british footballers. Up yours. Aite, gotta go and buy ciggies. Oh yea, Black Pall Mall 25's is my new bestfriend here.



My laptop is off for a service. Apparently there're too much dust near the heat sink which explains why my laptop reaches up to 90-100Celcius. Thank god my sister's old pc can still work.

AMD Duron
512 RAM
hell yeahhh


movie review: Angels & Demons(2009)

Frankly, it didnt meet my expectations. Although, the main story about religion vs science thingy is quite interisting, but to level on par with the impact of the da vinci code years back, is a pretty hard task to do. This time around, Robert Langdon was called to investigate and save the missing four candidates to be the next pope. The four candidates will soon be killed and a kick ass some kind of a bomb will explode and the whole vatican city will be fucked. The twists in the movie are probably the only cool parts of the movie cause it'll make you go "ah man, i thought that bastard was the one who planned out all this shit" sort of thing. Give it a shot. Who knows, you might like it. I'd give it 8/10. A-


A day to be Lance Armstrong

Yesterday I made some progress on my "Healthy Living" mission by implementing a new method which is 


I dont now why but i simply do not understand why nowadays, I'm so up for these things. It feels really weird having this enthuasiasm about these things especially when it comes from a person like me. I mean whats next, could I be doing some Tai chee after this? Maybe a little poco poco with all the middle aged mothers?

Anyway this idea came up when I was lepaking with a couple school friends of mine last night. Hazik was "weh, jom berbeskel jauh jauh nak?". Honestly i had mixed feelings about it since it's been a long time i last rode my bicycle but I felt great excitement about it as well since it wouldnt be as boring and dull as jogging around my neighborhood. 

Although, regardless of how excited I was, first thing first, gotta fix the old bike. i spent bout 40 ringgit on new tires. The bike is all rusty and it even has spider webs on the rims. It may not be as flashy and cool as the other sexy racing bikes with thin tires, but this baby brought me to school, my tuition classes and all other places back then.

The cycling journey was unexpectedly fun actually. I cycled as far as to the Raja Perempuan School, and returned to the origin which is, of course, my house. Where else. After some extreme and complex math calculations, we  estimated that we cycled for about 10 KM. How did we figure it out? Well we dont have an odometer on the bike so we figured that a normal bike goes up to 10-15KM/hour. The total time we cycled was a bout an hour or so. So there you go. 10 KM in one hour. Kan senang. Eezy peezy

Anyway, some tips about cycling at roads with heavy traffic are 
-Stay as left as you can cause u dont want big cars like Toyota Unser to be poking your ass. 
-To see what's behind you, don't turn your head to the right, turn left instead since u can be bitchslapped if there's a motorist passing you. 
-Dont go too fast on heavy gear since you can get dead legs and your journey will be over sooner rather than later.
-Dont talk to your cylcing mates. It can tire you, a lot.

Anyway, I hope I'll be doing some cycling soon. Not on a daily basis, but 3 times a week would be nice.But i seriously have to change the seats or else my ass will feel i have no mercy on it. I gotta sleep, my thigh is killing me

This world is an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me

Things can get really difficult, awful sometimes.
We both do not want it, be it happens.
It starts with blaming eachother,
but it'll end up with admitting self-faults.
I'm sorry sometimes i'm not public about 
the things that is really important to me.

No matter how ugly things get,
no one can imagine how much i heart  you.

Keep me fit

As a man who adopts a very healthy life and takes health issues very seriously, I started my day brushing my teeth, had a light breakfast and went jogging. 


Nah, I started my day with a ciggy, sipping coffee and another ciggy and then I went jogging. Yeah its true, I've decided to to jog. 

Very unorthodox, but i just felt since i have so much spare time with waking up early these days, why not give it a try. Well, it went Okay. Thanks heavens i wasnt being chased by dogs or bitches or anything. The weather was good, pleasent, quiet, wet, chilly, windy, u name it, and i did two laps which i think Usain Bolt would be proud of. I could have gone further, i know it. But maybe the ciggy factor limited my whole stamina. Well at least i gave it a try huh. Well done azim, give yourself a pat on the back. Now go eat n sleep.

Why oh why

Yesterday we witnessed Man utd's triumph of the league again. With all shit aside, congratulations to them because deep in any fans' heart from any team in the BPL, Man Utd fully deserved it. They have a solid squad, several versatile players who can play in diff positions, they have individuals who can change a match and of course, luck always seem to favour them.

So how did it go wrong with the gunners? Are they simply not good enough? Is it the end of Arsene Wenger's reign of arsenal? Are they too poor to buy players and offer key players 80K+ wages? A thousand of questions can be asked when a team just had a disastrous period of time but I think it all goes down to decision makings, in general. Yes, I think it is mainly Monsieur Wenger's fault. 

But mind you, without a doubt, he is still probably the best manager around, but some of his policies should be changed for the future. The best decision that he made was probably naming Fabregas the skipper after a shit form of Gallas and signing Arshavin with a very reasonable price. 

However, I just think he got the things wrong at the very important times. I just cannot accept the decision of:
- Putting Diaby on the left flank. When this guy arrived to arsenal from auxerre several years back, he was touted as the next vieira. I cannot agree more with his excellent control of the ball, his physique, his tackles and many more. His long legs aren't suitable for a winger as he always looses the ball because as a winger, he will have to get past  fullbacks. 
- Assigning Fabregas as the second striker and leaves Nasri as a more defensive central midfield role. We all know Fabregas is at his best when he comes deep collecting the ball from the centerhalves and simply architects the whole attacking play. 
- The signing of Sylvestre. He's rejected by Man Utd, then why sign him? Is Senderos not good enough to be chosen ahead of the aging frenchman?
- Of not buying covers. We lost Flamini, Hleb, Gilberto, (Eduardo and Rosicky through long term injuries). In return, we've signed Nasri, Arshavin, Ramsey and other youngsters as well. Yes it's true Wenger have replaced all the men lost based on quantities, but are they footballwise qualified? Undoubtedly, the players he signed are all great talents, but they do not have premiership experience. They will have to treat this current season as the adaptation phase and will hopefully perform excellently in next season. 

On the other side, they are many improvements made by the players (Clichy, Denilson, Song, Walcott ect). It is vital for arsenal to hold on to these players. Repetitions of Hleb's and Flamini's departures is out of the question if Arsenal wants to challenge for next season's titles. Without a doubt, players like Clichy, Denilson, Song and Wallcott have all established themselved as key players now. They had one season of playing in the first team and they have greatly improved. Mistakes will be learned and qualities will be improved. Plus, spurs sucked big time this season. HAHA.I also would wish Arsenal to adopt a 4-3-3 formation with

Sagna, Toure, Gallas(New Defender perhaps?), Clichy
Fabregas     Nasri(Diaby)

Wallcott(RVP)      Ade(Dudu, Bendtner)       Arshavin(vela)

I'm really looking forward for next season. It'll be 2-3 months of no football, but at least there's transfer rumours to have fun with. Cmon gunners, finish the season in style. Bring the fans something to cheer about. Go gunners.

movie review: The Pianist(2002)

Now this is the bomb. One of the most dramatic war-related movies i've seen. Put aside the political issues with me being in Malaysia, the description of Wladyslaw Szpilman suriving a war holocaust in this movie is teriffic. Plus, it's based on a true story, it'll make you have this mini-obsession with WW2 all of a sudden. The main story of this movie is how the Nazis treated the Polish Jews during the German invasion of Poland in WW2. It's right up there, i'd give it a 9/10. Worth it.

movie review: Numb(2007)

I just finished watching a movie called 'numb'. Matthew Perry starred in this film which pretty much portrays his brilliance of spontaneous and honest-esque acting. It's basically about a guy who has some psychopath disorder which had a huge impact on his life regardless of the awesome career he has. The movie's a bit slow, but it has a genuine story which basically tells that you can't be alone in life. Gotta socialize somehow in order not to be crazy. I'd recommend this movie, i'd give it a 6/10.

4 letters: R E S T

Yeah, the very much anticipated holiday has arrived. All the bullshit with finishing assignments, studying for quizzes/tests/exams, the researching on case studies and bla bla are all over. This is  a point of time which i call 'the lazy-ass-period'. Why? Because the fact is that the only activities that i will be doing are
a) sleep
b) eat
c) play some shit ass pc game
d) watch tv
e) eating at weird times
f) waking up at 7pm

By the way, i'm really glad the semester is over. It was hectic as hell. Well that explains the ditching from blogging by me. At one point i had 4 projects, 3 assignments and 2 tests that i had to cover in 2 weeks. But the outcome came out pretty good especially with the project presentation although the time building up to the presentation were pretty fucked up. But overall, it was  mixed fun/tiring/happy/sad semester. A lot of things happened over the past 4 months or so  but i gotta say the hightlight of it all was i drilled a hole in my earlobe. haha. I also completed my dream of finishing watching all the episodes of friends and the first season of reaper. 

Anyway, i'm back at ipoh around 7 pm last night. Couldnt drive in the dark since mom and intan wouldnt let me, so i started driving from selangor around 4 pm. The house is pretty much the same. My room smelled really good, but i doubt it's gonna stay that way since i know it'll change soon. haha. 

I gotta go, it feels good to be writing again. I know you all miss me. bollocks, perasan. until next time

arh, work

I'm going through a packed several of months. I'm so caught up with work and other things. I'll be updating regularly soon. Really suprised that there are actually two requests for updates. haha.

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