90 minutes of pure disappointment. Literally the chelsea players were better. Terry and essien were rock solid and drogba happened to be wearing his shooting boots tonight. I'm trying my best to accept defeat, not bitching about the 'how different it would be if..' kind of crap, but the referee got it all wrong about arshavin's disallowed goal. Fuck it, it doesnt change anything, does it.

Looking on the bright side, i watched that 'everyone-watching' new twilight new moon movie earlier today. My sister was so kind enough to belanja me the ticket so i decided to give it a try even though it was at 4 pm. Yeah, day time movie. Kinda odd for me. But who's gonna say no to a free movie.

Surprisingly it was great. Not because of I had to witness and watched half naked buff dudes like 50% of the movie, but like other great shows, the director/creator of the movie left the ending hanging. It's funny at certain times but i was really impressed with the animation with the werewolves and shit. The jacob's shafeshifting from a half naked man to a big ass werewolf was rad. Hate to say this, but i'm looking forward for the third one, i think it's called eclipse or sumthing. The soundtrack of the movie is nice too, i'm glad fie gave the OST of the movie bout 2 weeks ago.

Gotta go. Too depressed to type really. Gonna eat earlier tonight's bbq's leftover and watch second season of trueblood. I wont sleep today until 10 pm, wanna normalize my sleeping pattern.

0-3 in a london derby. Shiteness


gunners vs standard liege:home

Right. Lost against sunderland. Big blow, but moving forward is the only sensible thing to do. Arsenal cannot be focusing on the Chelsea match too soon because they are still not in the Champions League knockout stages yet. But having Standard Liege at home, would be a walk in the park. non? hope so.

Whichever you look at it, however the circumstances are, the Chelsea match is more important. 8 points behind them, is starting to worrying as we're moving to the mid season phase. I personally would like Wenger to give some rest to some players tonight. Playing at home, with only one point to hope for, the squad players such as eboue, senderos, vela, ramsey, rosicky would have to be able to pull it off. Here's the team i would hope for:


Eboue Senderos Vermaelen(C) Traore

Ramsey Rosicky

Nasri Eduardo Vela

Bring us to the knockout stages fellow gunners.


It's funny how things can change dramatically without realizing it in front of your bold eyes. Screw the external factors and let's focus on the main thing. Forget about pulling out the plug, emphasize on pushing the plug deeper. Have faith.


gunners vs sunderland:away

Later this evening Arsenal will travel to the stadium of light to face Sunderland which I honestly think will be a tough one for Arsenal's point of view. Matches after an international break have always proven to be bad news for Arsenal over the past few years and hopefully the gunners will prove otherwise. These are the kind of matches that Arsenal have failed to impress over the past seasons and they have to knick these kind of matches to be in the running of the premiership crown. We're still in the race, no doubt, but a few injury worries would still haunt and jeapardize a victory tonight.
Obviously, we won't have the best eleven out there tonight. We have many injuries but the main ones to point out are RVP, clichy, gibbs, diaby and bentdner. Arsenal's major weak area would definitely be the left full back position with both preferred choices of leftbacks are all out, clichy and gibbs. I don't think Wenger would leave such a tough task of defending the likes of Malbranque to a less experienced player. So I think Armand Traore is out (if he's fit though). The options are putting Sylvester, Vermaelen or Eboue in that position but i personally would hope Eboue would be chosen. He's effing versatile, he is OKAY with defending and he likes to go forward too.
Another major concern is the replacement for RVP. Eduardo is fit, scoring goals for croatia too, and i do believe he is the man to start, no questions. There is a possibility Wenger would make changes to the team lineup to keep the players from being jaded but i certainly hope not because it is an away match and a victory is inevitable. Same formation, same lineup, no changes, i hope. This is what i hope for.


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Eboue

Fabregas(C) Ramsey

Nasri Arshavin

Hope Gallas would keep D. Bent quiet. Come on gunners. It's at 11pm (Malaysian Time)


runney nosey

I hate selsema. It's irritating, disturbing, makes you go uncomfortable with wiping your nose and makes your face look like x mandi.......... and others. Serve me right though, I think it's been a while since i drank good amount of water. Plus, with the kampung's rambutans and durians, pretty much explains why i'm sneezing and wiping my nose once every two minutes or so. Ah, i'll get over it tomorrow or lusa. Pall Mall hijau for now, until flu ends.

Recently i've been checking out the stuff in my wallet. Why? No idea. Looked through the business cards i've collected from various people who basically i can't remember, receipts which i'm too malas to buang, and some cards. That point i realized how literally fucked up my IC and my maybank atm card are. The plastic foil which is supposed to shield the card thingy is not glued and the chip can't even be seen. Thus, i've decided to take some action. Yup, i'm going to replace the old cards. Meaning getting up early, taking showers early, finding parking spots in a hectic environment, queing up with old people and etc.

Thank heavens my mom decided to teman to replace the cards. As for now, i've got a spanking brand new-debity-flashy-visa y- smart shoppingy maybank atm card. However not the same great news for my new IC mykad though. Apparently it'll take 3 weeks for the jabatan pendaftaran to actually complete and give me a new mykad. Which means, i'm using a temporary mykad which is so gay cause it's black and white, it's just a piece of paper and not a hard card thingy and my face looks effing dorky. Nasib baik ijad and balo aren't aware with me having a temporary mykad or i will be tremendously hummiliated by being called bangla. hahahah

Thats it for now. Gotta go lepak with friends and buy some cake and a birthday card for mom's birthday this midnite. I already got her a present which was nicely wrapped by Intan. Looking forward for mom's reaction to the present. Hopefully she'll be all 'aww you're so sweet, you're the best son ever' you know, shit like that. Happy times hopefully.



I'm back in ipoh, arriving here around 6 pm yesterday driving with hazik. Sorry for not have been writing consistently over the past 3-4 months. There were just too much work to bear and i'm effing glad it's all over.

In short, there's not much anything new really. Same ol same ol i guess. One of the major highlights was probably i sold my laptop to buy a new pc.

-AMD Athlon x2 2.9 GHz
-MSI mboard
-Samsung 2GB Ram
-Asus 9500 GT 512 MB
-Samsung 160 GB hdd

Kinda disappointed really with selling of the laptop. There's not much i can do since i need something whether a laptop or a pc to work on my fyp.

I'm watching prison break now. Call me outdated, kuno, whatever, who gives a crap. The fact that the director/creator leaves the episode hanging and it makes you have to watch the next episode is just cruel. haha. Anyhow, it's pretty nice. I watched the complete seasons of my name is earl too bout a month ago.

Intan and I celebrated one year being together last september. I have high hopes for what we're having and i'm really glad she kept me stable for all the times i almost went wacko for having too much work. lol

Well that pretty sums up what i've been through during the times i've been quiet on this blog and i hope i'll continue writing during this holiday. gotta go, be a driver for mom. thnx for reading.


PS: RVP is injured. again. it's really disappointing with the lad was on top his form, and have to be sidelined for a bout a month and more. Hope eduardo will be wearing his shooting boots against sunderland this weekend.

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