need a start

I tend to be so damn lazy when i'm at home. The family home, not the rented-shah alam home. As january is drawing so frikking near, it's worrying me a hell lot since i havent started anything, any progress, not even a looksy, not even thinking about plans what i might do within the next couple of weeks regarding my final year project.

My project supervisor numerously kept reminding me that in order for the project not to get doomed, I need to start some sort of progress during this holiday. It's not that i forgot about her advices it's just that i'm simply lazy. Konami's pro evolution soccer 2010's master league should be blamed for all of this. And so does the second season of Flashpoint. And last but not the least to you, Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain. You've constantly got me wasted at least 2 hours of my day.

Hopefully I would come to my senses and realize soon that to complete a final year project in a four month time frame, is not enough. Even with only 4 subjects to be taken next semester (for the first time in my degree course, I've got a 'total of less than 7 subject a semester'), this kind of thing can't be underestimated. I do not want to stay in Shah Alam any longer than 2 years.

I have to admit that i have been very inconsistent this month in terms of blogging. Maybe i'm short of ideas on what to write, well maybe i'm simply just lazy assed to be thinking of words and type those stuff that pops up in my brain. In my big head. Oh yea, i'm bald now. Bout 2-3 weeks ago i shaved it with the number '3' shaver. It's not skinhead, but still it's short, i still cant comb my hair. My gf kept teasing me that i wanna be that indian brit jay sean. haha. Speaking of britain, it's snowing hard there in london and some of the roads are blocked off. Why do i care? Beacause there's a match tonight at the Emirates. Since Emirates stadium is located in north london, there's a big chance that the match would be postponed due to the bad weather. That would be a blow. I'm really looking forward for this match since it's the weekend that only arsenal plays at home, while chels and man u plays away. I bet any one of you who's reading my blog would be saying 'can azim stop writing about arsenal? dah la bosan. dah la selalu kalah. x penah nombor satu' u know shite like that. Ok i'll stop now. I'm typing crazy now without paragraphs or proper full stops. I'm going crazy. gotta take a shower, later have to send my sis at the train station.



At an evening on December 15th 2009, I received an instant message from a friend of mine about the passing away of Muhammad Farhan B Mohd Noor. I was simply shocked at that particular time, I couldn't believe it either since the source that told me this tragic news is one that always fool around. No offence dear unreliable source. However, after receiving text messages and other instant messages, the unfortunate news would had to be true.

After reading off a friend's blog, apparently Farhan AKA Pak An was involved in a car crash nearby his home in Negeri Sembilan. The funeral was concluded later that night around 11pm. Sadly, I couldnt make it to the funeral due to limited resources.

I had the chance in knowing Pak An when i was pursuing my diploma in UiTM Arau, Perlis years back. Honestly, I didnt really know him that much since we didnt stay in the same dorm as he joined the PALAPES or ROTU. Although, we did share many common classes together, and based on my observations, he was a cheerful guy and a funny lad who loved to crack jokes and put smiles on everybody's faces.

May the Almighty Allah S.W.T. bless you and you rest in peace. Semoga sesiapa yang membaca, sedekah lah Al-Fatihah kepada arwah.

We'll miss you Pak An

another defeat

Arsenal were yet again defeated with a similar 3-0 scoreline by Manchester City last night and eventually, they are out of the carling cup. Wenger has always described the carling cup is not one of his priorities and he has always given the young players to impress themselves in this tournament. I'd say I am not too shattered by this result, given the circumstances but a 3-0 score was a bit too harsh. The only consolation we got from that match is that togolese-you-know-who didnt score although his contribution to the celebration for the goal by Wrighty's son, SWP was ridiculous. Well, you have to expect ridiculousness from that guy. It's his expertise.

The post reaction to this match ended up with everyone pointing their fingers to Wenger claiming he is not ambitious to go and win the carling cup. Without a doubt, getting out of a tournament is a disappointment, especially when you're already in the quarter finals. And with Arsenal not having to win any trophies for about 4 years now, it just make things more awkward and bitter (Hell, even spurs won a trophy within that timeframe). But no matter how disappointed i am during these past weeks or so, you have to remember Wenger is the guy who turned some spanish lad he got for free from barcelona into a complete midfielder for arsenal and for the spanish national team.

Wenger is actually doing the same thing for the players who are involved last night with what he did with fabregas several seasons ago. There's no doubt Arsenal probably have the most talented young players in the world today. Players such ramsey, wilshere, vela, merida, traore and etc deserve to play matches. Fingers crossed they'll turn into convincing players in years to come.

Hopefully things will turn from sour to sweet this weekend at home against Stoke. We've been superb at home this season, except for that chelsea match of course. I still believe Arsenal still have a chance on the league, FA cup and the champions league and i know Wenger is the right man to fullfil the dreams that Arsenal fans have been craving for. Other teams will slip up, it's important that we dont and keep focusing on our own football. We're short of fire power up front with RVP sidelined for 5 months and hopefully Wenger would make wise decisions this January to improve the squad and win matches.

Aite, gotta sleep. I'm driving to kampung tomorrow afternoon to visit my other Grandma. Until then.


passing time

Time flies by so fast that i just realized it's already december. Yeah, the last month of the year. Festive seasons for the people in the western world but not so over here in Malaysia. It's great having a break after just went through a pretty difficult, tiring semester which consists of many projects. But sometimes things can be repetitive and dull at certain times where all you can do is just sit at home surfing the net, watch some television, pluck your nose hair and etc.

I wouldnt say i'm bored. I'm not really. I actually have lots of things to do especially with errands to run at home, helping my mom and stuff. I'm kinda proud of being able to perform tasks which my mom is happy about. There's no greater feeling than making your mother feel happy, is there. I often make conversations about life with my grandma especially during rainy evenings where you have to turn off all your electrical appliances to avoid for example, your pc to get blown up by lightning storms. In short, i'm having a good time spending with my family, which is great because staying close with family is significant. So i heard.

Been spending time with my old pals as well. Sipping teh tarik, smoking, telling stupid jokes at mamak stalls and playing snooker with them are probably my daily routines these days.


It kills me everyday for not being able to see Intan on a daily basis. I miss driving with her, laughing, watching her smile, being there when she's searching for clothes, eating together, telling eachother problems, well basically, being with her. Gives me guilt at times when she really needs me with going through hard times. How I wish things could go easy n smooth when we go through the down sides of life. Things just can't be so perfect. It is impossible.

I wish i'm with you right now, Intan.



90 minutes of pure disappointment. Literally the chelsea players were better. Terry and essien were rock solid and drogba happened to be wearing his shooting boots tonight. I'm trying my best to accept defeat, not bitching about the 'how different it would be if..' kind of crap, but the referee got it all wrong about arshavin's disallowed goal. Fuck it, it doesnt change anything, does it.

Looking on the bright side, i watched that 'everyone-watching' new twilight new moon movie earlier today. My sister was so kind enough to belanja me the ticket so i decided to give it a try even though it was at 4 pm. Yeah, day time movie. Kinda odd for me. But who's gonna say no to a free movie.

Surprisingly it was great. Not because of I had to witness and watched half naked buff dudes like 50% of the movie, but like other great shows, the director/creator of the movie left the ending hanging. It's funny at certain times but i was really impressed with the animation with the werewolves and shit. The jacob's shafeshifting from a half naked man to a big ass werewolf was rad. Hate to say this, but i'm looking forward for the third one, i think it's called eclipse or sumthing. The soundtrack of the movie is nice too, i'm glad fie gave the OST of the movie bout 2 weeks ago.

Gotta go. Too depressed to type really. Gonna eat earlier tonight's bbq's leftover and watch second season of trueblood. I wont sleep today until 10 pm, wanna normalize my sleeping pattern.

0-3 in a london derby. Shiteness


gunners vs standard liege:home

Right. Lost against sunderland. Big blow, but moving forward is the only sensible thing to do. Arsenal cannot be focusing on the Chelsea match too soon because they are still not in the Champions League knockout stages yet. But having Standard Liege at home, would be a walk in the park. non? hope so.

Whichever you look at it, however the circumstances are, the Chelsea match is more important. 8 points behind them, is starting to worrying as we're moving to the mid season phase. I personally would like Wenger to give some rest to some players tonight. Playing at home, with only one point to hope for, the squad players such as eboue, senderos, vela, ramsey, rosicky would have to be able to pull it off. Here's the team i would hope for:


Eboue Senderos Vermaelen(C) Traore

Ramsey Rosicky

Nasri Eduardo Vela

Bring us to the knockout stages fellow gunners.


It's funny how things can change dramatically without realizing it in front of your bold eyes. Screw the external factors and let's focus on the main thing. Forget about pulling out the plug, emphasize on pushing the plug deeper. Have faith.


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