passing time

Time flies by so fast that i just realized it's already december. Yeah, the last month of the year. Festive seasons for the people in the western world but not so over here in Malaysia. It's great having a break after just went through a pretty difficult, tiring semester which consists of many projects. But sometimes things can be repetitive and dull at certain times where all you can do is just sit at home surfing the net, watch some television, pluck your nose hair and etc.

I wouldnt say i'm bored. I'm not really. I actually have lots of things to do especially with errands to run at home, helping my mom and stuff. I'm kinda proud of being able to perform tasks which my mom is happy about. There's no greater feeling than making your mother feel happy, is there. I often make conversations about life with my grandma especially during rainy evenings where you have to turn off all your electrical appliances to avoid for example, your pc to get blown up by lightning storms. In short, i'm having a good time spending with my family, which is great because staying close with family is significant. So i heard.

Been spending time with my old pals as well. Sipping teh tarik, smoking, telling stupid jokes at mamak stalls and playing snooker with them are probably my daily routines these days.


It kills me everyday for not being able to see Intan on a daily basis. I miss driving with her, laughing, watching her smile, being there when she's searching for clothes, eating together, telling eachother problems, well basically, being with her. Gives me guilt at times when she really needs me with going through hard times. How I wish things could go easy n smooth when we go through the down sides of life. Things just can't be so perfect. It is impossible.

I wish i'm with you right now, Intan.



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Syafiq Joe said... December 2, 2009 at 3:58 PM

thumbs up for the new layout..
look better than previous one XD

mmg bes spend time ngan family..
spend dgn family = cuti sem..
ngan awek ko = the whole sem (not really, lot of assg to be done)

neway, hv a nice hooollliiii day :)

ps: asnl cam pening...

Azim Ali said... December 2, 2009 at 6:57 PM

lol thnx for compliment. Yeah the previous layout was dull and your facebook template thingy was kinda an inspiration actually. haha

Arsenal tgh down skrng. tp walau mcm mane pun, In Arsene We Trust.

thnx, you too. c ya soon

intan.maisarah said... December 17, 2009 at 1:33 AM

nice layout.

yeah rite. spending time with my dear haziq.

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