another defeat

Arsenal were yet again defeated with a similar 3-0 scoreline by Manchester City last night and eventually, they are out of the carling cup. Wenger has always described the carling cup is not one of his priorities and he has always given the young players to impress themselves in this tournament. I'd say I am not too shattered by this result, given the circumstances but a 3-0 score was a bit too harsh. The only consolation we got from that match is that togolese-you-know-who didnt score although his contribution to the celebration for the goal by Wrighty's son, SWP was ridiculous. Well, you have to expect ridiculousness from that guy. It's his expertise.

The post reaction to this match ended up with everyone pointing their fingers to Wenger claiming he is not ambitious to go and win the carling cup. Without a doubt, getting out of a tournament is a disappointment, especially when you're already in the quarter finals. And with Arsenal not having to win any trophies for about 4 years now, it just make things more awkward and bitter (Hell, even spurs won a trophy within that timeframe). But no matter how disappointed i am during these past weeks or so, you have to remember Wenger is the guy who turned some spanish lad he got for free from barcelona into a complete midfielder for arsenal and for the spanish national team.

Wenger is actually doing the same thing for the players who are involved last night with what he did with fabregas several seasons ago. There's no doubt Arsenal probably have the most talented young players in the world today. Players such ramsey, wilshere, vela, merida, traore and etc deserve to play matches. Fingers crossed they'll turn into convincing players in years to come.

Hopefully things will turn from sour to sweet this weekend at home against Stoke. We've been superb at home this season, except for that chelsea match of course. I still believe Arsenal still have a chance on the league, FA cup and the champions league and i know Wenger is the right man to fullfil the dreams that Arsenal fans have been craving for. Other teams will slip up, it's important that we dont and keep focusing on our own football. We're short of fire power up front with RVP sidelined for 5 months and hopefully Wenger would make wise decisions this January to improve the squad and win matches.

Aite, gotta sleep. I'm driving to kampung tomorrow afternoon to visit my other Grandma. Until then.



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