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I tend to be so damn lazy when i'm at home. The family home, not the rented-shah alam home. As january is drawing so frikking near, it's worrying me a hell lot since i havent started anything, any progress, not even a looksy, not even thinking about plans what i might do within the next couple of weeks regarding my final year project.

My project supervisor numerously kept reminding me that in order for the project not to get doomed, I need to start some sort of progress during this holiday. It's not that i forgot about her advices it's just that i'm simply lazy. Konami's pro evolution soccer 2010's master league should be blamed for all of this. And so does the second season of Flashpoint. And last but not the least to you, Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain. You've constantly got me wasted at least 2 hours of my day.

Hopefully I would come to my senses and realize soon that to complete a final year project in a four month time frame, is not enough. Even with only 4 subjects to be taken next semester (for the first time in my degree course, I've got a 'total of less than 7 subject a semester'), this kind of thing can't be underestimated. I do not want to stay in Shah Alam any longer than 2 years.

I have to admit that i have been very inconsistent this month in terms of blogging. Maybe i'm short of ideas on what to write, well maybe i'm simply just lazy assed to be thinking of words and type those stuff that pops up in my brain. In my big head. Oh yea, i'm bald now. Bout 2-3 weeks ago i shaved it with the number '3' shaver. It's not skinhead, but still it's short, i still cant comb my hair. My gf kept teasing me that i wanna be that indian brit jay sean. haha. Speaking of britain, it's snowing hard there in london and some of the roads are blocked off. Why do i care? Beacause there's a match tonight at the Emirates. Since Emirates stadium is located in north london, there's a big chance that the match would be postponed due to the bad weather. That would be a blow. I'm really looking forward for this match since it's the weekend that only arsenal plays at home, while chels and man u plays away. I bet any one of you who's reading my blog would be saying 'can azim stop writing about arsenal? dah la bosan. dah la selalu kalah. x penah nombor satu' u know shite like that. Ok i'll stop now. I'm typing crazy now without paragraphs or proper full stops. I'm going crazy. gotta take a shower, later have to send my sis at the train station.



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armybrat5311 said... February 4, 2010 at 8:11 AM

am not a big fan of football..but at least u say about the teams that i recognize..LOL

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