come in & go

At last, Arsene Wenger came to his senses to add some steel, firepower to his defence. The latest signing of the team is Thomas Vermaelen.

I've never seen him play much but I gotta say I'm a bit dissappointed with Monsieur Wenger not to buy players with premiership experience. My money was on Steven Taylor/ Gary Cahill/ Bassong/ M. Richards/ A. Ferdinand or who ever which can play at centerhalf. But of course, Wenger was always gonna be signing players abroad especially with Champions League experience and in this case, Vermaelen fits the bill. He was the skipper for ajax for gods sakes.

I know all my perspectives arent significant at all but here are the positiives from the Vermaelen signing.
-Experience. Arsenal needs an experienced defender. I know he's only 23, but with 21 caps for belgium under his belt, thats pretty much enough to convince people about the experience he possess. He's also gotta be a commanding one since he was a captain.
-Versatility. I heard he's left footed so he will slot in the left side of the centerbacks just nicely. Plus, that'd mean AU REVOIR SYLVESTRE!
-Depth of defence department =Increased. Now Arsenal has Toure, Vermaelen, Djourou, Senderos, Song, Gallas, Sylvestre. That's a total of seven defenders. Obviously it's a surplus so I'd be happy if Wenger lets Sylvestre, and Gallas go.
-Language.I think he speaks french. That'd be easier if he partners Kolo.

However, the drawbacks are
-Physique. He's only 182 CM. I know thats not that bad, but i'd prefer huge, heading-ness defenders. We all know how arsenal can be when defending set pieces or 'Long Throw Ins'. blergh.
-Adaptation. He will need time to adapt to the London lifestyle, arsenal gameplay, crazy media and etc. It only comes down to how long. Not too long i hope.

Throughly, I'm quite satisfied with Wenger signing this guy. I really hope the Wenger magic on signing world class players works again this time. I want him to continue signing a few more players. It's vital for Wenger to sign an established Center Midfield this summer. Unfortunately, Gareth Barry is impossible and Xabi Alonso is too pricey. I'd be more than happy if he signs Cana, Melo or Inler. Adebayor should get out too and give the first choice strikers to Eduardo or Bendtner.


no mood

I'm really not in the mood to write these days.
dont know why



Hello there.

It's been a while since I wrote last, been bz with stuff and my mind was caught up with a lot of things lately. I kinda had no time to sit down and write to tell the truth. Well whats new?

I turned twenty two last Tuesday, June 16th. Did i have a party? Was it a blast? Did i pass out? Nah. Nothing really happened, my mom gave me a card, received a sick awesome dunhill watch and a card from Intan. Now that was very unexpected. She told me she'd just gonna post me a birthday card. I returned home on tuesday from hazik's house around 5 pm and my mom told me i got a package. I was kinda surpised the package wasnt an envolope. Instead it was a relatively big package and it turned out to be a nice watch.I also received many wishes from close n not so really close friends. Oh yea, my mom's present is still on its way :P. I really wanna thank to all of those people who remembered my birthday (easy, facebook got birthday reminders lahhh). It meant a lot to me.
Aite, gotta go.


movie review: se7en

It's kinda like the CSI but instead it's the movie version with lots n lots of swearing. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman play as two investigators trying to solve seven related homicide cases which involves a lunatic serial killer. Little did they know, the serial killer is one tough nut to crack and not one to be messed with. The ending's tight. 8/10

oh dear eyes

cant sleep
the sun will be up soon
wont be dark no more

bliss baby

Sorry for not updating regularly since I'm back in ipoh just 2 days ago after spending a lot of quality time in Kl/Selangor. Mostly I helped Intan with her moving into a new apartment in Cyberia which required a lot of energy and a robust nose since it deals with a lot of dust. haha.
Initially, it would only be a 3 day trip, we would have gone back to Ipoh last Monday after sending Tasha(my sister, she works in Miri, Sarawak) off in KLIA, but my mom decided to stay for a couple more days since she wanted to hang out with her sister in Taman Permata. I had a great time during my time there, and as an icing on the cake, Intan decided to follow us back to Ipoh and stayed here until yesterday. Spending time with your close and loved ones during the holidays, with no assignments or projects to worry about, is just simply great. And when things can get any better, my Gpa result for last semester is great, to me. Just how important the number three is to syahmi, it's important to me too. I'm really happy with the result i got.
Gotta go, i'm too happy to type. Gotta eat, watch a movie.


going away

I'm going to kl tomorrow, for the weekend, more than a weekend actually. Gonna spend time with Intan,  which honestly i'm really excited about. God dammit i miss her.  I wont be blogging for next several days. Boo Hoo. 


outdoor azim

Yesterday i went camping with my school mates at teluk batik, perak. It's near the beach and i gotta say it's a good place for camping-newbies-starters to go camping. It was great, fun, exciting, new experience, but of course, it was very exhausting. We took off from ipoh about noon and had lunch at a mamak stall in the town of manjung, I think.

Lunch at mamak stall

Everything seemed fine but the excitement was cut short as it started to rain. We laughed hard in the car for a minute, mainly because it would mean we gotta make a u turn, go back to my house, and go camping at the lawn behind my house. 


Thankfully, the rain stopped when we were on the road, the sun was back shining and we arrived at the beach around 3 pm (Tuesday) and searched for a campsite straightaway. The heat was unbearable and we were lucky enough to have found a campsite under trees and facing the beach. We had troubles on where to search for a campsite actually, so i turned to my pal who lives in manjung, topek, for some help and he reccommened a little place by the rocks which happened to be a really cool place except for a cavalry of monkeys hanging and eating on the trees above our tents. 

Setting up the tents
After setting up the tents, we then enjoyed ourselves for some manhunt session by the beach as we took off all our shirts and exposed our big n flabby tummies to the public and mandi mandaa. It was great and we stayed put until sunset and we also found a weird, jelly-like sea creature lying by itself on the beach. We made our conclusion that it was a starfish, although i still think it's an octopus. 
The sea creature
Fun times we over as the sunset almost reached for it's fullest and all of us searched for wood/sticks/dried wood what ever you call it as we call it as 'ranting kering' here for the bonfire later. Each of us has one distinct reponsibility/job to and i was incharge with burning the charcoal for the bbq. In the end, it was great, the chicken, sardine, and the sausages were well cooked, although we used torchlights for lights instead of a bonfire to add some natural element to this camping trip. 



Bon fayaah

The next day we woke up kinda early (sleeping in tents is not comfortable at all to tell the truth) to do some packing and spending time at the beach before we took a normal-water shower. Took some pics near the place, had lunch in the town of lumut and we headed back to ipoh around 10 am. 

The morning after


In a nutshell, it was fun, learned some key things bout camping, but u gotta have the stamina and the 'rolling up your sleeves' spirit to enjoy a trip like this. Gotta go take a shower. Oh yea, the dates in the pictures are all incorrect since Pendi's camera is a bit messed up.


bagi semua

And by the way you brought me here,
It makes believe
The best is still yet to come
And I don't want to leave.
Forgive my hesitation
Oh, but I'm learning to trust in you.
Help me to dream these dreams
'Cuz I don't have a clue.

And if you'd be honest and say what you mean
You know I would promise I'd do anything
'Cuz I know that without you I'm giving it away.

Is this what you wanted?
'Cuz I'm willing to change.
Now that I am certain,
That there's much more to gain.
You've introduced me to the moment
Oh, but I'm looking to stay for good.
Yeah, you asked me to stay forever.
Well, you know that I would, I would do anything.

If you'd be honest and say what you mean
You know I would promise I'd do anything
'Cuz I know that without you I'm giving it away.

The nights are forever and maybe I'm wrong,
But it feels like I'm so lost without you.
So I step towards the heat, it's the way I can see,
And it makes me believe that it's you.
Oh, oh

And by the way you brought me here
It makes me believe
The best is still yet to come
And I don't want to leave, I won't, but anyway...

If you'd be honest and say what you mean
You know I would promise I'd do anything
And the nights are forever,
I can't get to sleep cause I know there's a reason
I'm in this too deep
And I'm not sure that without you, oh
I'm giving it away. (x7)

mae-giving it away
been listening to this for 37 times and counting now.
nice wey

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